Plesk 8.6.0

Seit dem 19.07.2008 ist Plesk 8.6.0 verfügbar. Die Administrationssoftware für Windows und Linux-Server hat sich in letzter Zeit ziemlich verbessert. Folgende Neuerungen oder Änderungen kamen/gingen mit der neuen Version:

Plesk 8.6

  1. [+] PHP 5.2.6 update – Plesk now ships with PHP 5.2.6
  2. [+] PostgreSQL 8.3 support – Plesk now works with PostgreSQL 8.3.
  3. [+] Safari 3.1 support – Safari 3.1 browser can now be used to work with Plesk.
  4. [+] Changing DNS zone SOA serial number format – The DNS zone SOA serial number format used by default in the Plesk Control Panel is Unix timestamp. You can change the format of the DNS zone SOA serial number to YYYYMMDDNN, which is recommended by IETF and RIPE and mandatory for many domains registered in some high-level DNS zones, mostly European ones.
  5. [+] Improved DNS zone update – Users can make multiple changes to a DNS zone without having to save every single change each time – all changes made to the DNS zone are now highlighted and visible to the user before saving them. The DNS zone is updated when the user saves the changes.
  6. [+] Permission for clients to select a target DB server – You can allow your customers to select a database server of each type for creating his or her databases, not only use the default database server.
  7. [+] Plesk Billing Bundle – Plesk 8.6 for Unix/Linux comes bundled with Plesk Billing component that allows Plesk Administrator to use an effective billing solution fully compatible with Plesk.
  8. [-] Fixed issue with empty mail user name – Fixed issue with empty mail user name displayed in logs of Plesk installed on SuSE.
  9. [-] Fixed issue with AWstats monthly history – Fixed issue with incorrect calculations and display of AWstats monthly history.
  10. [-] Fixed issue with forwarding e-mail messages signed by DomainKeys – Fixed issue with e-mail forwarding not working if e-mail messages were signed by DomainKeys.
  11. Security fixes and other bug fixes.

[+] new feature
[-] bug fixed or removed
[*] bug fixed and improvement made

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